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12 Good Reasons to let yourself think in meditation

Sunday, April 13th, 2014

Of all the questions I am asked the most about meditation, the one that comes up time and time again is something like “How do I stop thinking during meditation?” Matt Young of the Melbourne Meditation Centre recently posted an excellent article answering this question beautifully. His solution is don’t. For someone like me, who defaults to an extremely active mind this article was gold. Here’s a couple of his reasons: The brain’s job is to think. Just like it is the ear’s job to hear. Better to work with the mind than against it’s very nature. The Pink Elephant Effect. Ever been asked by someone to not think of a pink elephant. What was the first thing you did? Yep – you thought of a pink elephant. Turns out a researcher who is now based at Hale proved that trying not to think about something pretty much guarantees you will. Absence of Thought does not equal peace of mind.  Here’s how Matt explains this idea: I’ve certainly found that the degree of peace I find within meditation is directly proportional to the degree to which I am willing to entertain those thoughts and feelings that I might otherwise choose […]

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How do I get rid of thoughts when I meditate
Annette Clarke - Mt Gravatt Brisbane
The daily 10 minute meditations are a wonderful gift to myself each day.
Tracey George - Newtown Australia
Don't know how I would have got through the last 2 extremely difficult months at work without
Dawn Harris - Aussie Girls Love Shoes
I think a long-term membership is a great idea! 10 mins/day can add years of good health
Bev Ford - Mt. Gravatt, Ald
I've wanted to meditate for years. I've done classes, I've bought books but nothing ever stuck. Mydiamonddays changed all that. My mind is calmer, I sleep better, and my days are happier…

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