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A meditation guide to Brisbane – Part One

Friday, October 5th, 2012 A meditation guide to Brisbane - Part One

(image courtesy of John Hacking)
Funny name for a post you think?

I’m not so sure. This series of posts was inspired by the very fabulous Sarah Wilson and specifically this post – a slow food and biking guide to Copenhagen.

This post of Sarah’s made me want to throw everything into a suitcase (ideally things that would allow me to capture the Copenhagen chic, but that’s another story) and head over there for 2 years.

So in the same spirit, this post is designed to make you want to roll up your meditation mat and head to your nearest, local “meditation space”… the one that really works exactly for you. If you live in Brisbane – you are in luck. This post is all about the fabulous places you can go to meditate. If you live elsewhere – be patient. We have guides coming for the major Australian cities, London and several really cool cities in the states.

The experts presented here are in no particular order but they each have their own special “thing”


First cab off the rank is
Yoga in Daily Life. They have wonderful places all over Australia and the Brisbane Ashram is situated in Fortitude Valley. You can read more about their meditation philosophy here and here is an article about
what meditation is. Calm, kind, loving,
if you live near the Valley and are looking somewhere to soothe your soul – this is the place.


Here is a sample of one of their gorgeous meditations.

And here is an interview I did with Tulsi of Yoga in Daily Life. Do take the time to watch it.


And then there is Kyle-Lee Young of Yoga Mudra.

Here’s some words from Kyle’s website. If this resonates with you, go and visit her in one of her classes.

Life has become so busy ­– we are available 24/7 via mobile phones and email, we are constantly over-stimulated by technology and the media, and the cost of living keeps rising. Do you sometimes feel that everything is too much?

Although we have so much to do, we still need time for rest. Where to find the time to switch off and to recharge?

Yoga is the perfect balm for our modern times. If you feel stressed or anxious, if you’re not sleeping well, are constantly worrying or having trouble concentrating, the ancient techniques of yoga can help relieve our modern stress and anxiety.


Kyle-Lee practices in Banyo – you can find out more here.

And here’s one of Kyle’s gorgeous guided meditations.

Here’s Kyle sharing her own brand of wisdom.


Our third Brisbane expert for this post is the Australian School of Meditation and Yoga. They are a non profit organisation with centres in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

We’ve had several subscribers discover ASMY through their guided meditations and become regular visitors.

Here’s Gayatri talking about why everyone can learn to meditate.

You can listen to one of the ASMY’s gorgeous guided meditations here  

And finally in Part One of our Brisbane guide to meditation we have Alison Keane whose work focusses on mindfulness . Alison is a Brisbane psychotherapist, writer and mindfulness educator and if you are in Brisbane I can highly recommend her courses and classes.

Here’s Alison answering the (very commonly asked) question – “what about if you can’t sit still”.

You can find out more about her wonderful work here.

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