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Gratitude can cure depression

Hailey Bartholomew, a Brisbane based photographer and one of the first people I interviewed for Mydiamonddays, has released a fabulous book about gratitude – and is being supported in her efforts to get the word out by Sam Worthington (pretty cool huh?) Here’s an article that was in the Sydney Morning Herald a couple of days ago, documenting Hailey’s amazing story Hailey’s tussle with depression began in 2008. “I felt like there was not much meaning even though I had two cute kids and a nice husband,” she says. “I just didn’t feel much for them. I call it ‘blah’. I had no passion or excitement for anything. It was really affecting how I was mothering. It was affecting lots of things.” The turning point came when Bartholomew sought advice from a nun who told her the secret of happiness was reflection and gratitude. She was given an assignment to write down what she was grateful for at the end of each day. “I did that and was amazed at the stuff I was noticing so I started a photographic project called 365 Gratefuls,” says Bartholomew. “It made me see what I had in my life rather than what I was […]

The Little Things That Make Us Happy

Recently I was with a large group of people and we were all told to write a little thing   that makes us happy in our day on a piece of paper. After we had done this, we scrunched our piece of paper and chucked it across the room. In doing this, someone else’s   piece of paper would be near you. We had to read what they had written to share what makes them happy, and ultimately sharing the happiness across the room.  This exercise was such an amazing exercise and it was so simple. We read some of them out and they were things like, “Completing multiple tasks before the microwave before the timer goes off” “Getting no red lights when you are driving” “Predicting when the toaster is going to pop, but still being slightly frightened” Reading these kind of little things made everyone laugh and the vibe in the room was amazing. We all got to share this sense of joy and it really taught me to appreciate the little things in life. Can you think of a little thing that makes you really happy?

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Learning to meditate will help you with your life decisions.

In our fast paced everyday life we tend to make numerous silly decisions. But help is here! According to “The Gifts of Meditation” article, learning to meditate will help with making better life decisions. “In the whole history of the world, you are unique, and you have uniquely special path to follow in life. In the silence and stillness of meditation, you will perceive more clearly the still, small voice within that can guide you safely along your life’s path. By bringing you closer to your life’s purpose, meditation sets you free to become more truly and uniquely yourself.”