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Learn to Meditate in Melbourne – Our Pick

Thursday, November 27th, 2014 Meditation in Melbourne

So you want to learn to meditate in Melbourne?

I recently spent a wonderful weekend in Melbourne. Such a great city.

How do you guys manage to make everything look so effortlessly cool?

Hats, scarves, boots, wine bars, restaurants that just sell 3 types of pasta and fizzy watermelon drinks….

I love it and would move there in the blink of an eye.

Clearly though, all that being cool is stressful though because one of the most commonly asked questions I get is “I want to learn to meditate in  Melbourne.

(Actually maybe that’s wrong – maybe looking for meditation places is also cool…..)

So here is the answer I give to anyone who asks.

Melbourne Meditation Centre

Here’s why.

I’ve met Matt and he’s the real deal.

He was one of the very first meditation experts who ever came on board with us and he’s been endlessly supportive ever since.

Jargon free. Simple and Real.

This centre runs courses in lots of different parts of Melbourne including  Camberwell, Clifton Hill, Elwood, Glen Waverley, Melbourne CBD and Yarraville.

You can find out more about learning to meditate with Matt here.

And try a free meditation here (it is one of our most popular….)n



Meditation and French Knickers…..(and why you should learn to meditate)

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014
Learn to meditate with French Knickers.
Learn to meditate with French Knickers

I recently had a significant birthday (43 is significant right?)

One of my gifts was a subscription to Panty by Post. (Please note, I have no affiliation with this fabulous company except for a bit of a crush….)

For the next 12 months, I will receive each month, a beautiful, gift wrapped pair of french knickers in the post.

But wait. It gets better.

The knickers are fair trade and help single mothers in Columbia work their way out of poverty. Feel Good and Do Good. The perfect combination.

So, now, every single time I arrive home I smile as I see my letter box. Instead of bills, I imagine an exquisitely gift wrapped and fragrant gift tucked up inside.

French knickers are all about self care. They are personal, they make you feel good and suddenly the world feels like a better place.

And you know what? Learning to Meditate is just the same.

On the days I meditate, the world feels lighter.

The constant monologue in my head lets up for long enough for me to enjoy the way my first sip of coffee tastes.

My clothes fit better. My hair looks better.

I feel more creative – come up with better ideas.

What’s not to like?

Maybe that should be my new motto. French knickers for your mind?

What about you? What are your “French Knickers?”


Mydiamonddays helps people learn to meditate for free. We have a free 7 day meditation course which lets you try out lots of types of meditation so you know which one is right for you.

We search all over the world for the best meditation teachers, courses and classes. Our subscribers are offered this information as well as regular updates for free.

Come check us out – you’ll be very glad you did.


12 Good Reasons to let yourself think in meditation

Sunday, April 13th, 2014 How do I get rid of thoughts when I meditate

Of all the questions I am asked the most about meditation, the one that comes up time and time again is something like “How do I stop thinking during meditation?”

Matt Young of the Melbourne Meditation Centre recently posted an excellent article answering this question beautifully. His solution is don’t.

For someone like me, who defaults to an extremely active mind this article was gold.

Here’s a couple of his reasons:

The brain’s job is to think. Just like it is the ear’s job to hear. Better to work with the mind than against it’s very nature.

The Pink Elephant Effect. Ever been asked by someone to not think of a pink elephant. What was the first thing you did? Yep – you thought of a pink elephant. Turns out a researcher who is now based at Hale proved that trying not to think about something pretty much guarantees you will.

Absence of Thought does not equal peace of mind. 

Here’s how Matt explains this idea:

I’ve certainly found that the degree of peace I find within meditation is directly proportional to the degree to which I am willing to entertain those thoughts and feelings that I might otherwise choose to suppress or ignore. When I allow myself the time to mull over, process and integrate them I find that peaceful states of mind arise quite naturally, effortlessly and spontaneously. On the other hand, when I force my mind to be quiet, the resultant sense of peace seems relatively fragile and brittle.

So there you go. Maybe it is time that we stopped waging a war with thoughts during meditation and started welcoming them in as we search for a little more peace on this journey.

Maybe thoughts are okay in meditation
Meditation and thoughts


How do you deal with stress?

Thursday, February 20th, 2014
Meditation and runners
How does meditation help you run and running help you to meditate?

Many of our subscribers already know how Mydiamonddays came to be created.

Here’s the full story but if your in a rush here’s the summary.

One day in the midst of an insanely stressful and busy time in my life (3 young kids, renovating, book deadline, job) I arrived at my son’s kindy and couldn’t remember his name. Or what school his brother was at. Nice huh?

After every test known to man, it turned out there was nothing physically wrong with me – just too much on and an inability to relax.

So I started to meditate.

And I loved it – and I wanted to share it – hence the birth of mydiamonddays.

And lately I’ve found another de-stressing tool that is working brilliantly. Running.

There’s something about it that works at releasing my body’s “flight or fight” mechanisms. After a run, I am calmer, happier and….you guessed it…much more likely to settle into one of those gorgeous meditations that help me melt all the way to my toes.

So, if you are a runner, meditator or both or neither but want to me we’ve created a gorgeous thing specially for you.

Here it is… Enjoy….


Mindfulness and the breath

Friday, January 3rd, 2014 Mindfulness

Okay so today I slept in and my newly minted morning routine went out the window. No run. No meditation. No time. Kinda grumpy all day (not helped by 40 degree heat) so was a frazzled little ball by the time I got to my evening meditation. I chose the second mindfulness meditation from Manish Singh. How can 5 minutes of “breath coming in , breath going out help so much?” I don’t know but it did. Happier and cooler. Miraculously a breeze began at the same time….

Grab yourself some headphones and try this gorgeous meditation. Especially if you are feeling cranky, bummed and as if you might yell at the next person who walks by….