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Cut your stress in half and live better with our guided relaxation meditations

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 Fotoğraf064

Many respected scientific studies have shown that just 10 minutes of meditation daily can:

  • dramatically reduce stress (by up to 40%)
  •  improve health and happiness and overall wellbeing
  • improve the quality of your relationships with your loved ones

Just 10 minutes a day of guided, high quality meditation can be all it takes to make a huge difference to your life.

But what kind of meditation should you do? How do you do it? Can you get it wrong?

Enter our guided relaxation meditation program which sends 10 minute  meditations to our subscribers every week day.

All you have to do is subscribe and have a set of headphones ready and we’ll do the rest.

Each week day, you will be sent a guided meditation from experts all over the world. Dip your toes into imagery meditation, mindfulness meditation and dozens of other styles.

And with a free 7 day trial you have a completely risk free way to check us out and find if you love us as much as all our other subscriber.

Click here to sign up for the free 7 day trial and check us out risk free.

We have collected guided relaxation meditations from meditation experts all over the world so all you have to do is sit, back relax and enjoy the stress relief it brings.

Imagine how good it would feel if you could learn to stay calm in any situation? Imagine being able to clear your mind, relax and focus on what is going on now. Imagine not being troubled by thoughts of

You can learn to relax and breathe easier even when things are tough by signing up for our meditation bootcamp now.


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