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Forgetting about “doing it properly”

Friday, July 13th, 2012 Forgetting about “doing it properly”

I received a wonderful email yesterday that I wanted to share about how maybe the secret to meditating regularly might involve breaking the rules. This lady is someone who has been experimenting with meditation for many years.

Here’s part of the email:

I don’t always meditate every day.

There. I’ve said it. Me, the boring one at the dinner party who bangs on about the unlimited benefits of meditation. Me, who has spent hours trawling the net and speaking to people about the results of scientific studies proving it.

I have had days, weeks even where I “can’t find the time” (Even I can see that is ridiculous – c’mon can’t find 10 minutes free in 24 hours?). Somehow once my feet hit the floor The Day takes over. The dog hears me walking around and gets excited about going for a run. The kids here me moving and start to stir….

So 10 days ago, I started a ritual that I can’t find in any books on meditation but that has worked for me (10 days meditating out of 10 now!)

I set the alarm for a little earlier and do a meditation before I get up. Nope, my spine isn’t always as straight and upright as it should be. Sometimes I think I even doze a bit. But it works.

It is my time before the day lays claim to me. Nope, it isn’t textbook. But it works for me.


Got me thinking though. Better to do it your way and do it than not do it at all huh?


  • Posted July 14, 2012 at 10:35 am | Permalink

    Really liked this email, probably because it was good to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t meditate every day, well not in the traditional sense.
    What I found interesting is to realise that DO meditate most days in a similar way to the way described in the email.
    I often find myself awake in the wee hours of the morning (a legacy I’m sure from early motherhood) and without realising it spend that time in a meditative sense. Allowing the thoughts to come and go and concentrating on my breathing.
    What I am finding is, if my body reacts in a negative way to any concerns I might have, by doing this practice I find my mind and body is soothed and slowly I drift back to a peaceful sleep.
    So good to be getting this great “conversation”going with so many “New sisters”
    Thanks Kathy

    June Beale

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