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Happy Weekend Everyone and Congratulations to our Winners

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Happy weekend everyone.

After speaking with, emailing with and tweeting with quite a lot of our “mydiamonddays February experiment  group” we’ve decided to hold off the emails over the weekend to give everyone a chance to catch up. This means the next meditation will be winging it’s lovely way into your inbox on Monday.

Everyone single person I know has about a million things on their to do list and I didn’t want to add “do Day Four Meditation before the Day Five Meditation arrives,” to that list.

The system is set up so that once you have completed a day, you can go back and access it anytime you like so if you do have time to do a 10 minute meditation over the weekend, you can go back and do whichever you like.

I’d also like to make sure you’ve had the time to check out the feedback on each meditation. The first 3 days brought up a lot of questions and Matt has provided some great answers. You can check them out here and here and here.

And a huge congratulations to our 3 winners this week. Our prize this week is one of Matt Young’s Meditation C.D.s. Matt’s C.D.s are called “A Taste of Meditation“, “Meditation at Work” and Meditation for Health. The winners are Pip, Leila14 and babysteps. We’ll be in touch to get details so we can ship them out.

If you missed out on these prizes, don’t worry – there will be more coming or you can buy them here.

Have a wonderful and calm weekend and see you Monday with the next meditation.








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