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Friday, May 13th, 2011

Ever noticed how sometimes books find you? They kind of leap out from the shelves and scream take me home.

The first time this happened to me was with a delicious book called Simple Abundance. It is a day by day account of how to enjoy the little things in life every day.

I loved it, have it beside my bed all the time. Flick through it constantly and am almost utterly incapable of doing anything in it. More on that soon.

Last week, it happened to me again. This time with a book called Teach us to Sit Still by Tim Parks.

The blurb says it is the “visceral, thought provoking and improbably entertaining story of Tim Parks’s quest to overcome ill health.” In a nutshell, it is a very cerebral and cynical man who discovers the joys (and others of meditiation). Sounds boring right?

Not for me. So much of it spoke to me. My inability to relax….my inate cynicism my inability to be kind to myself.

Here’s a review of it that I really liked:

“In a world dominated by cheap self-revelation and quack self-help, I suspect that “Teach us to Sit Still” may be the real thing. A work of genuine consolation that shows the way out of the dark wood in which everyone, at some time or another, will inevitably find themselves lost.” Will Self The Times.

Here’s Tim Parks talking about it himself.

So what bells did it ring? Lots and lots. Time to bring more regular meditation into my life. I’m on it. I think I’ll call it mydiamonddays.

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