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How do we source our meditations?

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 How do we source our meditations?

Several subscribers have asked where we get the meditations from that we send out. The answer is – all over the place. Basically we search out people who we think are doing really cool things using different types of meditation. Sometimes, they already have recordings ready to go and we ask permission to use them. Other times they don’t so we arrange to record them. Here’s a photo of our audio technician Andre doing his thing to record Jane Taylor’s lovely meditations. (Much more info on Jane coming – she is based on the Gold Coast and is the real deal.)

Remember one of the goals for mydiamonddays is for our subscribers to find experts and meditations that really work for them and then to follow that path. Feel free to contact the experts you are interested in and see what other things they have to offer.


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