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Jane Taylor of Habits for Wellbeing

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012
Jane Taylor is the founder of Habits for Wellbeing.
Jane began her meditation practice after three separate incidents pointed her to participate in a 10-day silent mediation retreat. At the time, Jane was very busy, stressed (although she didn’t really know it) and drinking a few energy drinks a day. Participating in a retreat (let alone a silent retreat) was the furthest thing from her mind, however somehow she knew she needed to do it. The retreat was one of the most challenging experiences of her life and after finishing, Jane made a promise to herself to start learning more about the spiritual elements of life and embody more of these learnings in to her life.
One thing situation led to another and now Jane is a mindfulness teacher and refers to mindfulness in everyday life as the ultimate challenge and practice. It is a way of being, of seeing, of tapping in to the full range of humanity – often seen in playful children fully experiencing life in the here and now.
Jane finds real joy in supporting people to be themselves and live authentic lives – which is what Habits for Wellbeing is all about – “Find the Courage.. Be Your (true) self”.

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