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My 7 year old talks about meditation

Thursday, September 29th, 2011 My 7 year old talks about meditation

So we are at Day 12 in our 28 day “Meditate every day without whingeing and your Mum will give you $15 project.”

Funny thing has happened. They know they can’t complain about it or they lose their dough but it has gone beyond that.

My seven year old now reminds me when I forget and my ten year old got cranky at me last night because the meditation I had tried out on him wasn’t restful enough (funnily enough it was one that was designed for kids aged 4 – 10 and it seemed a bit too dumbed down for him.)

They don’t know it yet but today is “challenge day” (kind of like Masterchef but not nearly as exciting). Today I am going to ask them to do a beautiful meditation that I got from Alison Keane when I did her mindfulness course. 

It takes half an hour (as opposed to the 10 minute mediations they have been doing) and slowly goes right through the body, focussing on it and rela. A step too far? I guess time will tell…

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