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My Journey Back to Calm – Part 1 (A guest post from Helen Butler of Clutter Rescue)

Friday, September 21st, 2012 My Journey Back to Calm – Part 1 (A guest post from Helen Butler of Clutter Rescue)

(We are delighted to welcome our first ever guest blogger to talk about her personal meditation story….welcome Helen….)

I have been a yoga and meditation lover for many years.

My journey started close to 15 years ago when my father was admitted to hospital for a quadruple bypass.  Dad going in and out of hospital had been a regular event for so many years I was nearly used to it – but the thought of him having a heart operation worried me greatly.

And so I searched for the perfect ‘thing’ – that thing that would calm me, centre me, help me cope at a time where I was far from coping.  I tried the gym
(not my thing).  I tried running (definitely not my thing).  I even gave dancing a go (really definitely not my thing!).  I decided that I needed something to get me “out of my head” and so decided to give yoga and meditation a try.

After the first class I knew I was hooked!

Yoga, meditation and their benefits were to be my savior for many years.  I was a regular devotee of many forms of yoga and attended class at least once, if not twice, a week.  I would use yoga breathing and mediation techniques when I was upset, nervous or worried.  I would tell everyone they had to try yoga and meditation (even though at that time it was all still considered a little “woo woo”!).

If you were to ask me to this day if I was a yogi I would say yes.

But the truth is that, since having children, any form of regular yoga and meditation has been difficult for me.  As chief social coordinator, chef, bookkeeper and accountant, chauffeur, seamstress, cleaner, washer woman, ironing lady, doctor and tutor in our home, as well as Managing Director of my own business, things get kinda busy!

I knew I really needed something regular to ground me – to get me out of my own head – but how was it possible?  With Hubby working long hours, and me fulfilling all those other roles, I just didn’t have an hour every other day to meditate.

I love how the universe works though.  Isn’t it interesting how you ask for something – and then all of a sudden there it is?

I was looking through the Brisbane News a number of months ago and read a great interview with Kathy from My Diamond Days.  Kathy spoke about her journey with guided meditation, the benefits she had seen in her life and the new website she had started which sent guided meditations to your inbox each day.

This was just perfect!  I didn’t have to go looking for the perfect thing – it had found me!  And even better, it would find me, each day, with that little ‘ping’ as it downloaded to my inbox – a regular reminder of the benefits of meditating.

I had so missed the habit of meditating – I just didn’t realise it until I started again!  By reconnecting with myself I am able to reconnect with so much more around me.  I didn’t realise I had lost that – until I started meditating again.

(Stay tuned for part 2 or Helen’s story…)

Helen Butler is Director of Clutter Rescue and an Accredited Expert Professional Organiser with the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers. Helen works with busy Mums to bring calm and clarity to their Space and Time.

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