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My Journey Back to Calm – Part 3

Thursday, September 27th, 2012 My Journey Back to Calm – Part 3

 Here’s the final instalment in Helen Butler’s story of how she found her way back to calm.

After I made the decision to start daily meditations and then worked out my meditation routine I was hooked!  I started off with extreme enthusiasm – not unusual once you’ve made the decision to do something – and meditated with a passion.  I even had our son in on it, teaching him breathing techniques and the importance of calming the mind.

Then I started skipping my regular meditation time.  Not all the time – just a day here, a day there, sometimes a week at a time.  Life kind of took over and I thought “You know, it’s OK.  It’s just meditation.  You can do it tomorrow”.

But you know what?  It really wasn’t OK.  I started missing the benefits of meditating.  The thing was that I didn’t realise I missed them until I got back on the meditation wagon.

There are so many benefits I’ve found.  If I
miss a session or three I really find these benefits lacking – and I don’t like that at all.

Through meditating I’ve been able to reconnect with the things I love and know to be important in my love.  Yes, this includes spending more time with my family and friends, being able to reconnect with them on a deeper level.  But I was also able to reconnect on a higher level – with the concepts of peace, clarity and focus.  I was able to make better decisions for our family and my business and felt that I was being led on the right path.

I felt my energy levels increase, particularly in the afternoons.  I quite often have a lot of energy and am really productive in the morning, but by the afternoon I’d be really keen for a nanny nap!  Because I chose to meditate in the middle of the day I found that my energy levels were boosted and I could work and play more effectively in the afternoons.

My ability to focus increased.  This benefit particularly related to my business and where it was heading.  Meditation also enabled me to make good business decisions that came my way, instead of saying “Yes” because it seemed like a good opportunity at the time.

I gained more clarity – on what I wanted in life.  I love my business but I love my family more.  The meditations helped me clarify what this looked like for me and helped me move my business to a place where it supports me, impassions me – but most importantly doesn’t define me.

I know that your regular practice may bring other benefits to you and I think that’s amazing!  In such a busy world we all need a way to calm ourselves and stop our minds from constantly being on the go.

I know that meditation works for me.  I also know that I’ll fall off the meditation wagon now and again.  And that’s OK.  But the benefits of meditation are so great that I know it will be part of my life for a long time.

Helen Butler is Director of Clutter Rescue ( and an Accredited Expert Professional Organiser with the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers. Helen works with busy Mums to bring calm and clarity to their Space and Time.

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