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I’m not actually sure where to start trying to explain Yoga in Daily Life and the lovely guided meditations and classes they do.

Maybe I’m best just to say that I suspect the studio at New Farm may well be the calmest place I’ve ever been to in my life.

Here’s how Yoga in Daily Life explain what they do:


With a simple message of tolerance and compassion for all, Swamiji is renowned globally by thousands as a humanitarian worker and spiritual master.

Swamiji’s Mission Statement:

My mission is to help people to understand themselves, to understand others, to love and protect all living beings and ultimately to realise God.


Swamiji’s mission statement is achieved through the humanitarian work of Yoga in Daily Life that is based on the following principles:

Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual Health
Respect for life of all living beings
Tolerance of all religions, cultures and nationalities
Protection of human rights & the environment
God realisation
Humanitarian Projects
Here is a video you might like to watch.



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Meditations by Yoga in Daily Life

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