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Why guided meditations?

Sunday, May 15th, 2011 Why guided meditations?

I know how meditations are supposed to work. You sit down…..focus on the breath. As thoughts arise, you gently let them float away as if they were never there.

I’ve read lots of great blogs about why it is so good including Sarah Wilson and others.

And I’ve tried and I’ve tried. I would sit there and itch. “How long has passed?” I’d wonder. “Stop it, time is meanlngless. Everything is meaningless except the breath….” “I wonder if other people’s brains dance around madly like mine?”…”Where’s the dog gone..” one eye peek.”Wonder how much time has passed….. Stop it!”

Calming? Not so much.

And then, I stumbled upon a free guided mediation on the web.

Suddenly  I was able to slide into that warm place that i sometimes felt just before going to sleep. Clearly I am not as evolved as some others but it really, really helped.

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